Become a member of Cochrane Nursing Care

For more information about becoming a member of CNCF download the membership flyer here (PDF - 887KB).

The Field currently has over 1200 registered members and is continuing to grow. Members of the Field:

  • Receive regular Email Newsletters;
  • Are linked to other members around the world; and
  • Are offered opportunities to participate in our efforts to support evidence based nursing care.

There are no membership fees (member subscriptions are their input and involvement in the Field’s work program!) and anyone with an interest in being involved in the Field’s mission related to nursing care can join (for example, professional nurses, unregulated nursing assistants and auxiliaries, formal and informal carers and other medical and allied health professionals.)

What do members need to do?

  • Promote and communicate to others resources available to support practitioners of nursing care available from Cochrane
  • Promote membership of CNCF

What can members do?

  • May link in with a group to:
    • Identify priority review topics/questions related to nursing
    • Mentor and assist new Cochrane review authors
    • Hand-search nursing-related journals and conference proceedings to develop a register
    • Assist in translating materials into languages other than English
  • May work direct with the Adelaide office to:
    • Summarise nursing related Cochrane reviews
    • Develop training packages to assist health professionals to use reviews
  • May become part of a regional group
  • Attend on-line and face-to-face seminars, symposia and workshops on Evidence Based Nursing Care