The six CNC Field Groups are designed to promote a geographical spread of activities internationally and each Group is responsible for a substantive Field function or activity. Any member of the CNC Field can be a member of a Group irrespective of the country they are from.

Nursing Care Review Prioritising Group

Dr Lynn Gallagher Ford, Elizabeth Molle, Dr Ann Hemingway and Dr June Marshall lead this Group. This Group is responsible for identifying priority review topics/questions related to nursing care that are not currently covered by Cochrane reviews. The Group will actively promote Cochrane reviews across nursing care groups internationally and, through the CNCF website, seek suggestions for priority reviews, categorised by Cochrane Review Groups (CRG). The Group will encourage the development of Review Questions and direct potential authors to the Nursing Care Review Support and CRG Liaison Groups for advice, support and assistance in submitting Review Questions to the relevant CRG.

Nursing Care Review Support Group  

Dr Suzi Robertson-Malt leads this Group. This Group is responsible for establishing and maintaining a Review Support Unit to mentor and assist new Cochrane review authors prior to and following their submission of a title to a CRG. The group will provide support via the CNCF website; identify and if necessary, develop support materials; identify and maintain a register of mentors, and develop further strategies  (such as the successful Cochrane Fellowship scheme available on the island of Ireland funded by the health research agencies of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).

Nursing Care CRG Liaison Group

Prof Susan Salmond leads this Group. The Group will assist potential review authors to identify and collaborate with co-authors, including experienced Cochrane authors from the relevant Cochrane Review Group (CRG); and review authors with complementary expertise  (such as epidemiology, statistics and other professional backgrounds cognate  to the review topic).  

Nursing Care Clinical Trials Database Group

A/Prof Lesley Long AM leads this Group which is responsible for coordinating the activities of Network Groups engaged in searching nursing-related journals and conference proceedings not currently extracted in the electronic bibliographic databases especially those published in languages other than English; and developing extracts and bibliographical data for upload to CENTRAL. This Group is involved in developing a register compatible with other Cochrane registers and managing this database. The Group will coordinate Network Groups internationally to establish an ongoing program of handsearching journals published in languages other than English and not currently abstracted in electronic databases. These Network Groups will translate full abstracts of trials into English and these will be entered on the web-based database and transferred to the Cochrane Trials Register.

Nursing Care Languages Group

Mr Alex Mignone leads this group. This Group is made up of a series of sub-groups that are responsible for translating the CNCF website into their respective language, translating the materials of the evidence transfer program (review summaries and podcasts) into their respective language and assisting the Clinical Trials Database Group with searching and translating abstracts of nursing-related journals and conference proceedings for upload into the nursing care register.  Current languages include Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Nursing Care Review Tagging Group

Prof Alison Kitson leads this Group. This Group is responsible for identifying and tagging in Archie (Cochrane’s Information Management System) the reviews that are relevant to nursing care. To do this the Group uses a two-tier classification system that focuses on specialty and fundamental of care. The Field's topic list can be viewed at the Cochrane Library, http:/// and the CNCF Website.

Please contact the Field if you would like to be involved in any of these activities.