It was originally a condition of the Cochrane Specialty Fields that they establish and maintain a register of trials specific to the field of specialty. The reasons for this were that a trials register is considered to be a reliable source of evidence. Although this is no longer a mandated requirement of the fields, the Nursing Care Field has decided to proceed with the development of a trials register.  The aim of the Cochrane Nursing Care Field (CNCF) is to make the trials register available to the wider nursing community to inform nursing practice and for researchers to identify gaps in nursing knowledge.

The CNCF Trials Register contains Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) and other relevant trial reports within the scope of the field. The scope has already been determined within the CNCF and is available on the Fields web site. For the purposes of the Nursing Care Field Trials Register, the studies considered relate to interventions that are considered to be integral to, or associated with, the delivery of nursing care and delivered across a wide range of specialties and settings. 

 A Trials Register is a dynamic register that requires continual updating as new trials are published.  It is planned that the initial register of trials located below as a PDF titled ‘CNCF Trials Register’ will be updated on a 6 monthly basis. The date of the PDF will also be displayed in the file title.

 The Trials Register provides the author, journal, title, date, volume, page and has been coded to a nursing specialty, research method and a fundamental of care (where applicable) with additional keywords identified. No abstract is included as copyright prevents this. However for Cochrane Review Groups this level of detail is available through the Trials Search Co-ordinator who can be contacted at lesley.long@adelaide.edu.au